De La Salle students have their say in mock EU referendum

Despite not being old enough to vote in the real deal, students at De La Salle voted in favour of staying in the EU after staging its very own mock referendum in school.

Members of the Student Council arranged for all pupils and staff to vote in purpose built polling booths after hearing debates from pupils campaigning to remain or leave the European Union.

Remain campaigners, Anna Corbett and Lucy Rauer, and Leave campaigners, Edward Hodgson and Sam Mcquiggan contacted local MPs for information, before addressing all year groups in assemblies earlier in the week and during break and lunchtime on the day to argue their cases.

Chair of Governors, Teresa Simms was among those present to cast their vote and was impressed by the students’ understanding of a subject that had the whole nation talking.

Teresa Simms, said: “A mock referendum like this helps pupils understand and experience a democratic process. I have been hugely impressed with our young people throughout this process and I’m confident that we have some future politicians in the making.”

Once the votes were accounted for by official counters, Katie Tomlinson and Rebecca Harrison, the results revealed that 52.52 per cent of voters were in favour of remaining in the EU.

St Helens Council Cabinet Member for Education, Andy Bowden was full of praise for those involved in putting the event together and believes the subject of politics remains as strong as ever.

Councillor Bowden, said: “I’d like to congratulate all those involved in putting this event together on a job well done and thank the rest of the school for taking part.

“By holding this event, the students have proved that you don’t have to be old enough to vote to have an interest in politics which is refreshing and reassuring that our future voters can have an influence in future affairs.”

Assistant Headteacher, Catherine Bamber, added: “We believe that activities like this are crucial in the education of all our young people, so that their education goes way beyond gathering a list of qualifications.

“It will help promote and form all our young people into responsible and informed citizens who are ready to take their place in the world.”

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