Omega MAT delighted after Ofsted inspection

Leaders and trustees in Omega Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) were delighted after receiving their MAT Summary Evaluation by Ofsted.  

Omega MAT is responsible for Alsop High School in Liverpool. It was one of only five trusts to have been evaluated under this process in the last year. 

Ofsted conducted an in-depth and focussed three-day evaluation of all their trust-wide processes, the support they offer to Alsop High School and all their other associate schools and the impact of their work for all their students. 

The inspectors spoke to a wide range of staff from across all schools and addressed the impact and support from all central functions. The staff included: 

  • Early career teachers 
  • Curriculum leads 
  • Designated safeguarding leads 
  • Senior leaders 
  • Headteachers 
  • Executive leaders 
  • Trustees 

The inspection team also spent time at Alsop High School

They scrutinised a wide range of documentation, including: strategic plans; documentation outlining the trust’s approach to aligned autonomy across schools; school performance data, minutes of meetings and reports that provided assurance regarding the strength of safeguarding across the trust. 

The report identified many critical strengths and provided recommendations for the trust to strengthen its work. 

The report detailed the strength and vision of culture across the trust. It also mentioned the strength of the trust’s strategic plan, which was described as ‘well-thought-out and aligned appropriately’ to the needs of all schools. 

Lead inspector, Rachel Goodwin HMI, recorded in the report: “Systems for disseminating best educational practice have been established by executive leaders, which has helped to galvanise staff, improve the delivery of the curriculum, and secure a shift to the trust mindset.  

“There is a rigorous approach to staff development at all levels. The trust has an aim to ‘grow its own leaders’.  

“This new strategic approach is ensuring that leadership development within the trust, modelled by the CEO, is taking place.  

“Additionally, the development of subject networks within the trust is also contributing to the growth and development of leaders at all levels.” 

Inspectors also noted that the safeguarding was a strength of the trust, stating: “The trust-wide approach to safeguarding is effective.  

“Support from the safeguarding trust leader is highly valued by the designated safeguarding leads (DSLs) in schools.  

“This includes the supervision in place to look after DSLs’ wellbeing. DSLs are empowered to make effective decisions and welcome the consistency and reassurance from the trust.  

“This helps to ensure that vulnerable pupils and their families get the timely support that they need.” 

The report noted that the Omega MAT is committed to investing in staff well-being, and school leaders appreciate the recent initiatives to support with their workload.  

Inspectors felt that the support that executive leaders offer makes the trust an attractive employer. 

Christian Wilcocks, CEO of Omega Multi-Academy Trust, said: “It was a great privilege to be selected for a MAT Summary Evaluation.   

“Having joined the trust as CEO only six months earlier, the process provided a great opportunity to test our own evaluation of where we are as a trust, so that we can be confident we are doing the right things to support our schools, our colleagues and our communities.” 

The trust has factored the recommendations made by inspectors into its strategic plans for the remainder of the year. 

Omega Multi-Academy Trust is confident that these recommendations will make them even stronger, for the benefit of every child and every colleague. 

To read the full report, click here

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