Pupils host their own Climate Conference

Pupils at Redgate Community Primary School in Formby, have held their own Climate Change Conference to mirror COP26 in Glasgow.

Children from nursery to Year 6 created digital projects based on different aspects of the climate crisis and shared their work in a whole-school conference.

Delegates from each of the classes then met with Sefton Central MP Bill Esterson to present their work and share their opinions on the subject. The MP said he was ‘blown away’ by the children’s knowledge and work.

Mr Esterson MP said: “I was blown away by how much effort went into learning about the threat of the climate crisis and what we can all do to reduce the damage done to our home, this planet, by global warming and rubbish including plastic waste. 

“A big thank you must go to Miss Stratton for organising the project and for working with the children. I look forward to my next visit and hearing from the children the answer to the challenge, which I set them of how to produce hydrogen from a combination of wind and water.

“Thank you again to everyone involved and well done to all of the children from nursery through to Year 6.”

Miss Stratton, Year 5 teacher and computing lead at Redgate Primary School said: “Our children shared some fantastic work and spoke with knowledge and passion on this, the most pressing problem facing our future.

“All our children are very aware of the part we can all play in helping to nurture our planet and their message was clear to us all. There is hope for the future, but the current generation were urged to act now.

“The children led by example on this by making planet pledges; small steps they can take to reduce their own impact on the planet, in the hope others would follow their lead.”

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