Puppy Yoga at Rice Lane

This Tuesday, staff from Rice Lane Primary School and Nursery, Liverpool, took part in a yoga session with 13 puppies. 

Staff had the opportunity to cuddle the puppies during and after the yoga session. 

There are many benefits of puppy yoga, such as it: 

  • Boosts mental health – can make you feel positive and less stressed 
  • Boosts overall health – can lower your blood pressure, which makes the risk of developing serious health problems lower 
  • Can be a great motivator to introduce yoga into your lifestyle regularly 

Staff thoroughly enjoyed the event. Nikki Blain, deputy headteacher at Rice Lane Primary School and Nursey, said: “It just made me smile all afternoon.” 

The puppies were provided by Dream Dachshunds for the afternoon, and the yoga was done by Faye Hart. 

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