Quidditch event provides a magical day

Hope Primary School in Huyton, experienced the magic of an Enrich Education school quidditch event. Since launching their ‘Introduction to Quidditch’ sessions at the start of the year, Enrich Education have delivered 43 of their events to North West schools and exposed this exciting, action packed, fully inclusive, new sport to well over 10,000 pupils across the region.

Hope Primary School’s day started with a rousing, ‘sorting hat assembly’, were pupils were organised into their houses. This got the pupils excited and geared up to compete for points, in their very own school quidditch cup. The assembly also saw the Enrich team introduce the positions, points system and roles involved in the sport of quidditch.

Through the course of the day, each class had a turn at skill-based games associated with the different positions in quidditch and some time for competitive tournament play.

The most popular part of the game was clearly chasing the Golden Snitch, a role played by teaching staff, with great enthusiasm and determination.

At the end of a fun filled day, all the pupils came back together into their houses, to hear the points tally and witness the trophy presentation to the winning house.

As one of the Year 6 house captains said: “It was really fun and exciting, we were all really excited and nervous to see who would win. We all tried our best and I just want to relive the whole day again, because it was so good.”

Quidditch has been growing hugely in popularity, at an adult level over the past few years. It has a governing body, QuidditchUK and there is also a Quidditch Premier League which runs during the summer months. There is even a bi-annual World Cup, which took place recently in Florence and saw the UK team finish in 4th place!

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