Results day chat with Vikki Lowrey

Educate Magazine continues its look ahead of the A-level results this Thursday and GCSEs next Thursday by speaking to Vikki Lowrey, managing director of CER for some words of advice for pupils awaiting their results.

What would you say to your former 18-year-old self when it comes to A-level/BTEC results day?

Try not to worry so much. They don’t define you.

What would you say to your former 16-year-old self when it comes to GCSE results day?

The day will pass in the blink of an eye and there’s always options if you didn’t get the results you want.

How did you celebrate your results/that moment?

I phoned my mam from my giant Nokia.

What piece of advice you’d give?

Hard work always prevails. Strive to do more and be better than the day before.

Advice you wish you’d known

Life experience is as important as academic experience.

Tips for parents of how best to support a teen on results day

Support them and help them understand the bigger picture. Inspire by leading by example.

How did you find your career route?

I fell into sales at a young age and subsequently recruitment. I loved it from day one.

Did you follow a straight path or go your own way?

I had many jobs – I think ultimately the experience of working in many sectors is why I ended up having a flare for recruitment.

Most important thing to remember on results day?

Stay positive, what is done is done. The world is your oyster regardless of the outcome!

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