Top tips for results day from guest blogger, Chris Price

Educate Magazine continues its look ahead of A-level results this Thursday and GCSEs next Thursday when by speaking to Chris Price, Healthy Lifestyles officer for some words of advice for pupils awaiting their results.

What would you say to your former 18-year-old self when it comes to A-level results day?

At 18 you still don’t necessarily know what you want to do (and this is ok), so do what you enjoy and try your best.

What would you say to your former 16-year-old self when it comes to GCSE results day?

When I got my GCSE results I was slightly disappointed because my cousin got higher grades. Looking back I would remind myself that the best competition is myself and to be the best me I can be.

How did you celebrate your results/that moment?

I was quite shy when I was younger so took myself aside to look at my results to read. I went out for a family meal for my GCSE’s. I didn’t get my first choice university after my A-levels, so I needed to look at options through clearance, then I went to the pub to celebrate my results with my friends.  

Piece of advice you’d give?

Life is diverse. There are so many different pathways you can follow. Be reliable and work hard at whatever you choose.

Advice you wish you’d known

The decisions you make at 16 or 18 don’t necessarily determine your life; they are just one step in a long journey.

Tips for parents of how best to support a teen on results day

You are there to support your children to live their life. Be open-minded to pathways you don’t know and help your children to explore their talents and passions so they can find the best career, which suits them.

How did you find your career route? Did you follow a straight path or go your own way?

After my A-levels, I went to university to study mathematics. Very quickly I realised that this wasn’t the right pathway for me so I moved to France to work and then to Somerset. I then went back to university to study sports, health and leisure and business management. Careers are very rarely straight paths any more, but you gain experience from everything you do.

Most important thing to remember on results day?

Your life isn’t determined by these results. The future is what you do going forward, not what has happened in the past. Learn from the process and make positive decisions.

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