Jane Holmes, guest blogger, shares her A-level results day memories

Educate Magazine continues its look ahead of the A-level results this Thursday and GCSEs next Thursday when we speak to Jane Holmes, senior school improvement offficer for some words of advice for pupils awaiting their results.

What would you say to your former 18-year-old self when it comes to A-level results day?

You should have worked harder, but it’s too late now!!

How did you celebrate your results/that moment?

Didn’t really because I knew I had not done myself justice. Just moved on.

Piece of advice you’d give

Don’t panic. Everything works out in the end. Do what makes you happy, not what others think you should do.

Advice you wish you’d known

That there are many paths you can take and you have a lifetime to get there.

Tips for parents of how best to support a teen on results day

Whatever happens, be there for them, tell them you love them and will always be proud of them whatever happens. Stay out of the way when they get their results but be there for them if they need help and don’t stop until they are sorted. Be very patient if it has not gone well and get out of the picture and let them celebrate if it has gone well.

How did you find your career route? Did you follow a straight path or go your own way?

A very wiggly path. Knew what I wanted to do, sport, police or fire service but injury prevented this at 17. I had no idea so just studied what I enjoyed for GCSE and A-levels (did not work hard enough for GCSE or A-level and got mediocre results. I then went in to nursing (SRN/RSCN at Alder Hey) but was not able to manage physical aspect of work, had to give up. Took a year out, re-took one of my A-levels (got an A), started at college to study psychology and biology with no idea what I wanted to do, I worked hard and got a really good degree so I was able to go to a good university (Nottingham) for my PGCE. I found out that in teaching practice that it was the pupils who were challenging that I enjoyed working with most, so decided to apply for jobs linked to SEN. I got a job as an NQT in a residential special school for pupils with SEMH and found my place and calling and this has enabled me to get on the path to my current place.

Most important thing to remember on results day?

It is in a lifetime – it is just a fleeting moment, regardless of the outcome it does not define your future, you do.

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