Review: Finger Shark

Our hands and fingers do so much for us. Writing in exercise books, typing on computers…everyday tasks that most of us have come accustomed to since primary school.

But some conditions make activities like writing and typing uncomfortable. People with hypermobility (often diagnosed as low muscle tone), for example, may struggle with handwriting as their grip on a pencil may place stress on the joints.

This is where the ‘Finger Shark’ comes in. The purpose of this little object is to prevent your finger from bending uncomfortably and applying too much pressure whilst gripping and causing hand pain. It is designed to stabilize the small joint of your index finger whilst doing everyday tasks.

At first glance it isn’t obvious why it is called ‘Finger Shark’. After reading the instructions, we quickly found out that the circle on the front was the ‘shark tail’ and the band around it was the ‘shark mouth’.

The item is comfortable and when used in the Educate office by a member of staff who has hypermobility, they commented on how comfortable it was and that it wasn’t a nuisance to wear when writing or typing.

At just £7.49, there are multiple colours and sizes to choose from. If you suffer with hypermobility we would definitely recommend trying it out.
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