Science matters at Melling

Pupils at Melling Primary School celebrated science leaving their ordinary routines behind to become scientists for a week. Even their maths and English skills have been put to good use in the pursuit of science.

The whole school worked together throughout the week so that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, enjoyed exploring new ideas, and developing a love of scientific enquiry.

The Cosmodome came to school for a day so that children could immerse themselves in the solar system and imagine what it would be like to fly past planets in space, or to be Tim Peake on the space station.

The final treat was a visit from Critters2You who brought spiders, scorpions and reptiles right into school to give the children first-hand experience of these fascinating creatures. The children learnt amazing facts about the animals, their evolution and adaptation. And for many, children and adults alike, holding spiders and snakes for the first time meant overcoming fear and feeling really proud of just having a go.

Headteacher, Viv Ainsworth-Brown said: “This has been a fantastic week to celebrate the exciting curriculum we follow at Melling.

“We have been able to bring science to life for the children who have grown in confidence and pushed themselves right out of their comfort zone at times in pursuit of scientific enquiry.

“It has been particularly pleasing to see the children working together across the school, particularly our oldest pupils guiding the youngest – something we really pride ourselves on at Melling Primary School.”

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