Simon ‘Rossie’ Ross – Radio presenter

Simon ‘Rossie’ Ross presents the breakfast show 6 ’til 10am weekdays on Greatest Hits Radio, heard across England on DAB digital radio and on FM in Liverpool and the West Midlands.

He’s been a professional broadcaster for over twenty five years, having worked at stations such as Rock FM in Preston, Capital FM London and Radio Aire in Leeds. He also presented the breakfast and mid-morning shows on Radio City 96.7 for over ten years.

In addition to his radio work he’s a sought after voiceover and event host.

Simon is also the host of the Educate Awards 2020 and has been for the past few years. Speaking about the event, he says: “From the moment I arrive at the Liverpool Cathedral, the sound of the performers at the entrance reminds me of what a great event it is year after year”.

My schools:
I grew up in Northern Ireland and attended St Patricks Primary School, St Patricks Grammar School, Armagh Technical College and The College of Business Studies Belfast.

My favourite teacher:
In primary school it was Miss Martin and Mr Fitzsimmons in grammar school.

My favourite subject at school:
That was definitely talking ha ha ha! Although I enjoyed English language and literature whilst at school.

Were you streetwise or a bit of a geek?
I was pretty easy-going growing up as a kid, but being from Northern Ireland you had to have your wits about you, definitely not a geek!

My favourite childhood singer/band:
In the 70’s it was the Boomtown Rats and in the 80’s Duran Duran for my sins!

My favourite extra-curricular activity:
I was really into swimming, I represented my country five times before I turned 13 so yes it was always swimming for me.

Do you remember your first school crush?
Yes I do, Miss Pickering my teacher in P2 or Year 1 as you call it here.

My favourite kook:
I love reading any books to do with the old black and white horror films.

School dinners:
There were good days and bad days, good days would contain chips or roasties, I really LOVED apple crumble and custard too.

My ambitions at school:
My ambitions changed weekly, however I was constantly getting put on a desk by myself because I talked so much and look where that got me!

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