St Mary’s Crosby celebrate GCSE achievements

Students and staff at St Mary’s College in Crosby are celebrating another excellent set of GCSE results this summer.

More than half of all passes at the school were at the highest 9-7 grades, and 42% of students achieved seven or more passes at these top levels.

A quarter of students recorded ten or more 9-7 grades, with 17 per cent going one better and achieving 11 or more top-level passes.

75% of students achieved ten or more GCSE passes, with many achieving 11 or 12 GCSEs.

Staff at the school believe that these results reflect the broad and balanced curriculum at St Mary’s, and the fact that the college does not restrict the number of GCSE subjects that students can take.

In terms of individual achievements Elsie Manson from Crosby was top of the class at St Mary’s this summer with 12 top-level GCSE passes – 11 grade 9s and one grade 8.

Elsie commented: “It’s been an incredible and happy few years at St Mary’s College. 

“I am delighted with my results, which are a testament to the amazing support I’ve had from my teachers, who have inspired me. 

“I look forward to joining the St Mary’s Sixth Form and the exciting opportunities it will bring.”

Elsie was one of a group of ‘fab four’ star performers who achieved a remarkable 45 GCSEs between them, all of them at the highest 9-7 grades.

The other three who each achieved 11 GCSEs were: 

– James Segarajasinghe from Aughton, who achieved ten at grade 9s and one at grade 8

– Olivia Newton from Southport, who gained nine grade 9s and two at grade 8s

– Rhianna Gorman from Lathom, who achieved nine grade 9s, one grade 8 and one grade 7

St. Mary’s College principal, Mike Kennedy, said he was very pleased with this summer’s GCSE results, and the way students have overcome the problems caused by Covid-19.

He commented: “These results are a tribute both to the hard work of our students over the past five years, and the ongoing support they have received from staff and parents over this period.

“In addition, as the first students to sit public examinations since 2019, the results also reflect their resilience and positivity, and their determination to ensure that their learning continued, despite the obstacles they have faced in recent times.”

Mr Kennedy said this commitment was vital because GCSEs are a key milestone in a student’s educational journey.

He added: “Achieving good GCSE grades is a firm foundation on which students can build future success at A-level, at university and in their future careers, so all our students and their families should be very proud of what they have achieved this summer.”

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