St Nicholas Catholic Primary enjoy a good story

St Nicholas Catholic Primary enjoy a good story. St Nicholas Catholic Primary has taken part in a number of fun activities designed to encourage children to ‘enjoy reading’ and to encourage each and every child to read more and to take an interest in books.
The school has a strong link with  local businesses and have worked with the school over the past year to promote reading throughout the city through a variety of events and activities.
These fun activities included tours and podcasts which appeared on the National Literacy Trust website.
Claire Simmo, a well-known presenter from Radio City2’s breakfast show, came to read to Key Stage 1 children were she chose a story she regularly reads to her own children.
Claire also answered the children’s questions on her love of reading and read a story chosen by the children themselves.
Mr Gary Senior, interim headteacher at St Nicholas Catholic Primary School, said: “Lots of fun was had by the children at St Nicholas Catholic Primary and our grateful thanks to Claire for her fabulous support and time.
“We are sure the children will already be reading lots more books as well as listening to Radio City in the mornings!”

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