239 more school buildings to have transformations

The Department for Education has announced that 239 more schools and sixth forms will benefit from renovation projects. 

The new projects build on the 161 that have previously been announced, with construction works now nearing completion on the most advanced sites.  

It means that, in total, 400 out of 500 schools and sixth forms have now been selected for rebuilds through the ten-year ‘School Rebuilding Programme’. 

The new buildings will be more energy efficient for future winter resilience and net-zero in operation. Old facilities will be replaced by modern education environments including new classrooms, sports halls and dining rooms. 

The government is also continuing to invest in the school estate with annual capital funding. The Department for Education said over £13 billion has been allocated since 2015 to maintain and improve school facilities across England, including £1.8 billion in financial year 2022-23. 

The government also said it is setting out school funding allocations for local authorities for next year, following the extra £2 billion funding boost for schools for next year and the year after announced at the Autumn Statement.  

It claims school funding will be at its highest ever level in real terms per pupil, totalling £58.8 billion by 2024-25. 

Gillian Keegan, secretary of state for education, said: “Education is a top priority for this government.  

“That is why, despite facing challenging economic circumstances, we are investing a record amount in our schools and colleges.  

“Today’s announcement will transform hundreds of schools across the country and ensure they are fit for the future. 

“The additional funding, alongside fantastic new facilities, will mean our brilliant teachers can get on with what they do best – and inspire the next generation.” 

The Department for Education said funding allocations announced mean: 

  • Funding for children and young people with complex special educational needs and disabilities will increase by almost £1 billion – a 10.6 per cent increase compared to this year 
  • Special schools and alternative provision receive an average 3.4 per cent per place increase in their funding in 2023-24, as a result of the additional funding from the Autumn Statement 
  • Funding for mainstream schools will increase by over £2.5 billion in 2023-24, compared to this year 
  •  Local authorities will receive average funding increases of 3.4 per cent for the 3 and 4-year-old free childcare entitlements and four per cent for the 2-year-old entitlement, as the Early Years National Funding Formulae are updated 

The government has also published methodology for how the new grant for mainstream schools will allocate additional funding following the Autumn Statement, so schools can plan for how much funding they should receive. 

All mainstream schools will receive their additional funding from April 2023. 

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