Fighting climate change

Fighting climate change in science week. Can you “Save Our World”? This is what Leamington CP School investigated during their science week by looking at recycling and preventing climate change.
Inspiration came from a visit to Gillmoss Recycling Discovery Centre run by resource management company Veolia.
Year 6 kicked off the week with their thought-provoking assembly which included their own song. Each class then completed a design challenge, a science investigation and also researched famous scientists that have made a difference.
From Year 4’s eco-friendly toothpaste to Year 1’s bird-feeders made from plastic bottles, reminding us that only a third of all plastic bottles get recycled.
Kirsty, Veolia’s education officer, who delivered workshops on ‘Is Plastic Fantastic?’ said: “KS1 did a great job designing reusable bags after listening to a story about how plastic bags in our oceans harm wildlife.
“KS2 found out that there are seven different types of plastic and what happens to the plastic litter we find on our streets”.
Ashley Fergusson, Year 4 teacher for the school said: “The children responded really positively to the week’s learning opportunities. Hopefully they will go onto think about how their choices affect the environment. It’s been a great week of discovery for us all”.

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