Lydia’s pathway to success

Ever since Lydia joined College@Deyes it has been clear that she has been motivated and driven by her goal to study veterinary science and achieve her aspiration of becoming a vet.

Head of school, Mrs Beaney said: “As head of Year 13, Lydia has flourished over the past two years. As a student, Lydia personifies excellences, resilience and diligence.

“Beginning her Sixth Form journey with the end in mind, she has sought opportunities to best prepare her for her future career choices.

“Her commitment to a career in veterinary science is clear from the variety of experiences she has sought since Year 12.”

Lydia has completed over 200 hours of work experience, across different settings, ranging from national dog training centres, city farms and zoos. She also engaged academically, through the production of an essay on the use of stem cells in veterinary. This was written for the life sciences department at Liverpool University.

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The essay discussed research into the usage of stem cells in treating osteoarthritis in dogs, and tendon injury in horses.

This involved independent research into clinical trials, evaluating the ethics of treatment, and linking the research to how it could help human medicine. This was later published in the life sciences department journal, Insider Imprint.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Lydia continued to pursue her goals managing home-learning, with online courses. She completed the EDIVET’s “Do you have what it takes to be a Veterinarian?” online course which covered, basic animal care, an introduction to body systems anatomy, veterinary professional skills and an introduction to clinical skills. Similarly, Lydia also completed FutureLearn’s “Virtual work experience and exploring the veterinary profession” which was ran by the University of Nottingham.

Mrs Beaney said: “As a sixth form, we are incredibly proud of the commitment Lydia has shown to her future aspirations. It has been a pleasure to help support her through the UCAS process, offering tailored and bespoke feedback on her personal statement and hosting mock interviews.

“Lydia has been invited to an interview for all her chosen universities and is currently in the process of completing them. We wish her the best of luck, as she goes through this process.”

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